Barbagiannis Tomatoes

“Barbagiannis”, a family business, started its operations in 1994 in the greenhouse crops sector, by growing “dolma”-type peppers on leased facilities. The business is run by two brothers; one is an agronomist – production manager, and the other a mathematician, in charge of the unit’s financial management and product sales.

In 1999, they began growing hydroponic crops in a section of their production unit. Today, the company has 10 acres of privately-owned greenhouses, with plans to extend them, and they grow exclusively hydroponic crops of several tomato varieties.

They also own and operate an agronomic store under the mark designation “GEOMARKET”. The company continues to evolve, both in crop production and in the sector of technical support services to other producers.

“Barbagiannis” tomatoes are produced with an ecological conscience; the emphasis is on taste and flavor, but also on product safety.

This is ensured by the following:

  • Excellent knowhow and 22 years of experience
  • Hydroponic crops that ensure root development without pathogens and excellent plant nutrition, for the production of flavorful and healthy fruit without waste of water or fertilizer.
  • State-of-the-art facilities with the necessary automations, situated in suitable, sun-drenched locations in Ierapetra, Crete, which ensure an excellent environment for the growth of healthy and robust plants.
  • The right choice of hybrids, with an emphasis on taste and flavor, rather than productivity.
  • Use of grafted plants that contribute to plant health and increased yield.
  • Plants are installed in clean areas, free of pathogens
  • Pollination by Bombus (bumblebees) – hormones are never used – yields more flavorful, cohesive and well-formed fruit.
  • The fruit are harvested when they are ripe, with a deep red color, so that all their organoleptic characteristics pass onto the plant.
  • The fruit are packaged in an organized packaging unit and sent to market on the same day, in recycled cardboard crates.
  • During cultivation, the safety of the produce is ensured by implementing all the latest techniques, such as: pollinating bumblebees, beneficial insects, beneficial microorganisms, organic preparations against enemies and diseases, preparations that strengthen plant defenses (bio-pesticides), and very few active ingredients, always in accordance with proper agricultural practices.